Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat
Bidet - Alpha JX Bidet Seat

Alpha JX Bidet Seat

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Feb 08 and Feb 11. *ETA to USA mainland Only

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    The award winning Alpha JX Bidet Seat sets itself apart with sleek design, whisper quiet operation, and an energy efficient tankless water heating system.  With its LED nightlight and a sturdy, sittable lid, the JX is unmatched in its class. Sleek, elegant, and highly sought after. High grade durable polypropylene design, with internal components made with the integrity to last. It's the quietest bidet on the market, you will hardly notice that it is running. Advancing modern hygiene with its multiple high-tech features, the JX is controlled by an intuitively designed, wall-mountable wireless remote. Cleansing has never been simpler.

    • Tankless heating system-Tankless water heating and photo-sensitive eco modes save energy while drastically reducing your family’s toilet paper consumption.
    • White LED nightlight w/ ambient light sensor
    • Aluminum nozzle
    • Sturdy, Sittable Lid
    • Wireless remote control w/ wall mount-An easy to use remote with exclusive one touch wash cycles make the Alpha JX ideal for the elderly, children, and disabled.
    • Rear and rear+ wash
    • Front feminine wash
    • Adjustable spray pressure and temp
    • Adjustable nozzle position w/ Oscillation
    • Warm air dryer w/ adjustable temp
    • Heated seat w/ adjustable temp
    • Adjustable Water Temperature
    • Slow close seat and lid
    • Power saving economy modes
    • Self-Cleaning, Anti-Microbial Aluminum Nozzle
    • One Touch Easy Wash
    • One Touch Wash & Dry
    • 3 Year Warranty
    Model Power Cord Power Consumption
    Elongated: JX-EW
    Round: JX-RW
    Length: 4ft long
    Plug: 3 prong grounded
    120V, 60hz
    Max: 1460W
    Idle: 5W-8W
    Water Supply Water Supply Pressure Req Dimensions
    7/8" T-valve
    Direct to water supply
    15-107 PSI Elongated: 20.8” (L) x 15” (W) x 5.8” (H)
    Round: 19.4” (L) x 15” (W) x 5.8” (H)
    Weight: 9lbs
    Temperature Range Cleansing Spray Flow Seat Opening
    Water: 93ºF - 104ºF
    Seat: 89ºF - 100ºF
    Dryer: Ambient - 122F
    Max: 0.185gal/min (0.7L/min) Elongated: 11.75” (L) x 8” (W)
    Round: 10.25” (L) x 8” (W)


    Manuals and Specs

    Is your toilet compatible with an Alpha Bidet?


    • 2 piece toilets are the most common residential style toilet. If you have one, great, our Alpha Bidets will fit.

    • 1 piece toilets have the tank and bowl molded into a seamless unit. If you have one, you'll want to check the "Special Cases" section below.


    • A: The JX and ONE models require a minimum of 1.5" of clearance. The iX Hybrid and GX Wave need 1.75"

    • B: 5.5" is the standard, which the JX requires. The ONE, iX Hybrid, and GX/GXR Wave will accept a range of 5"-7"

    • C: Most elongated bowls measure 18.5" from the bolts. Most rounds measure about 16.5"




    If your 1 piece toilet's tank meets the bowl at close to a 90 degree angle, then it's compatible.

    Kohler Memoirs (pictured)
    TOTO Ultramax & Supreme
    Woodbridge T-0001


    If your 1 piece toilet has a tank where the sides curve forward, then it MAY NOT be compatible. Contact us for more details.

    Kohler San Raphael (pictured, only JX fits)
    Kohler San Souci (JX and ONE fit)
    Kohler Rialto (not compatible)


    Some elongated toilets have a more compact bowl and not full size. They usually fit an elongated Alpha Bidet, but it may hang over the front edge of the bowl by 1".

    Kohler Santa Rosa (pictured)
    American Standard Compact Cadet 3


    Skirted toilets have a concealed trapway for easy cleaning. They are usually compatible with Alpha Bidets, but may require extra installation parts.

    Kohler Salle (pictured)
    TOTO Aquia



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    • We have a power flush toilet. The inside of the tank has a large apparatus in it for the power source. Does any part of the bidet go inside of the tank? Where does the bidet get its water from?

      No part of the bidet goes inside the tank. The water comes from the water supply line  with a shutoff valve behind the toilet. Installation will involve steps below:-

      Turn off the water supply valve to your toilet and drain the tank by flushing it then soak up whatever's left in the tank with an old towel to prevent it from flowing to the floor.  Your bidet seat will include a two-pronged branch valve that splits the water supply for two lines, one that runs to the toilet tank and one that runs to the bidet seat. Connect the branch valve to the existing water valve. Screw the new hoses to the branch valve you just installed, connect one back to the water tank and the second one will go to the bidet seat.